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Supplementary class materials

“Nothing Up My Sleeve — It's All On My Palm!” for Arlington Public Schools personnel

Web sites — education-specific

These sites cover such areas as educational software, suggestions for use of handhelds in an educational setting, and success stories.  In addition, these sites have links to many other relevant sites.

Tools for Presenting

Books for educators

Local Users Group

Free newsletters


Any good bookstore is likely to carry a number of different books covering Palm Powered technology, but this list covers the ones I consider to be the most helpful.  The Pogue book (The Ultimate Guide) is quite a bit out of date — but if you're using an older model of handheld, it is still an excellent resource.  The various Johnson/Broida books (How to Do Everything...) are all rather similar.  If you're ordering one, by all means get the version that matches your handheld.  But if you're borrowing from the library or browsing old books, any of them should be useful.

Other goodies

Sources for eBooks

Sources for eNews

(Note that I consider Plucker to be the technically superior solution. But AvantGo is much simpler to install and configure.)

Expanded information on class topics

Programs for backup to memory cards

Other goodies

Links to other web sites — general

Visit these sites for news, tips, downloadable software, and product reviews.

Tablet PC resources

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