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Web Resources

Here are some of the web sites and other resources we have found useful. Many of these sites will, in turn, provide links to other sites.


Pocket PC sites

  • Pocket PC Hints and Tips
  • Microsoft Buyer's Guide Frequently Asked Questions
  • Additional Microsoft links
  • Pocket PC Mag Best Sites
  • Palm-Powered Sites

    Sources for e-books (and software)

    Sources for e-zines (and software)

    Sources for general software

    Note that following the links in the Pocket PC and Palm sections above will take you to many other sources of software. Here are some additional sites, which have software for handhelds, and in some cases, for Windows.

    Getting help

    Useful books

    Many books are available at any good bookstore.  Here are some of them.

    • How to Do Everything With Your Palm Handheld (Fourth Edition)
      by Dave Johnson and Rick Broida
      published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2003, ISBN 0-07-223082-7

    • How to Do Everything With Your Pocket PC, Third Edition
      by Frank McPherson, Tim Green
      published by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media, 2002, ISBN 0-07-222979-9

    Other goodies

    Other PDA-related resources at Sunny Banana


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