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Supplementary class materials

“Revolution in Sound:  An Introduction to Digital Audio”

“Rip and Burn!  An Introduction to Digital Audio”

Books and e-Books


Media players (software)

Programs which will play MP3 files on your computer.  Programs generally will play other audio formats as well, and some video formats.  Also use the media player to synchronize with your iPod or other digital media device.

MP3 information

Tutorials, sources for related software, etc.

Free (and legal) music downloads

Stuff changes, stuff gets moved!  You may have to hunt around a site to find the good stuff.

CD rippers

These programs will extract the audio files on a compact disc to your computer.  Many media players have this capability built in as well, although these dedicated programs typically give you more options.

CD burners

These programs will burn a CD with the audio files of your choice.  Some of the media players also have this capability, although typically with fewer features and less control over the final result.

Audio editors

These programs are useful for recording sound (such as when converting analog audio to digital), cleaning up the audio signals by removing pops, clicks, hiss, etc., converting from one file format to another, and more.  Also listed here are some free web-based services that can convert file formats (such as converting an AAC or WMA file to MP3 format) — just upload a file and download the converted version.


Here are just a few sites providing podcasts.  Most media sites (such as WashingtonPost.com and CSMonitor.com) provide podcasts.  And the iTunes program provides easy access to a very large number, through the iTunes store.  (Look at iTunes U for educational materials.)

Podcast Listening Software

To subscribe to podcasts, you need a media aggregator.  Here are a few possibilities:

Internet radio

There are literally thousands of Internet radio stations available for your listening pleasure, so this list gives a mere smattering!

Capturing audio streams

You can listen to many Internet radio stations using most media player programs. (Some stations require a custom player, launched through their web page.) These programs have additional features to make it easier to select the desired station and to record the broadcast. Some of these programs will automatically record programs according to your schedule. Some of these programs are free.

Legal issues

Additional resources