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The Whole Word In Your Hands: Buyer’s Guide to Handheld Computers

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Any good bookstore is likely to carry a number of different books covering Palm Powered technology, but this list covers the ones I consider to be the most helpful.  The Pogue book (The Ultimate Guide) is a bit out of date — but if you're using an older model of handheld, it is still an excellent resource.  The various Johnson/Broida books (How to Do Everything...) are all rather similar.  If you're ordering one, by all means get the version that matches your handheld.  But if you're borrowing from the library or browsing old books, any of them should be useful.

Any good bookstore is also likely to carry a number of different books covering Pocket PC.  Since I am not a Pocket PC user myself, I have not evaluated any of them, but these appear to be the most useful.

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PDAs are available at major office supply and electronics stores, including Staples, Office Depot, MicroCenter, CompUSA, and Best Buy. Can't wait to get one? Order a PDA at the Sunny Banana Marketplace.