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Your personal technology assistant

All work performed by Sunny Banana is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.  In addition to the specific services listed here, ad hoc consulting services, including software implementation and training, are always available — contact us for more information.

Small office/home office computer support

Today's technologies are increasingly essential parts of daily living and business, but their complexities are puzzling, befuddling, and sometimes just plain annoying. But many small businesses do not have their own IT department to assist. We can help you harness the appropriate technologies — figure out what makes sense, and get it installed and properly configured. Computers, printers, networks — we make them all work together for you.

Website implementation services

Every small business, independent consultant, or freelancer needs a presence on the World Wide Web — that's where potential customers expect to find you. We can help you with every step of the process, from designing the site and creating the web pages to registering the domain name and getting the site hosted.

Mobile device needs analysis

Trying to decide whether a mobile device — handheld computer (PDA), smartphone, or tablet — is for you, or for your organization?  We will analyze your needs — personal, professional, or both — and make specific recommendations:  what type of device and what additional software would be the most beneficial.   Contact us for more information.

Mobile device implementation service

Want to learn how to use your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or PDA) more effectively?  Most users and organizations are not getting the full benefits of these devices.  Our classes have helped many people, but individualized help is also available.  Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience.  And we can help you identify and implement applications specific to your own area.  Contact us for more information.

Mobile device training

We offer standard classes, at both beginning and advanced levels, through various community education programs, and we can tailor a class to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

Personal technology consulting

Mystified by smartphones, iPods, MP3 files, GPS navigators, or digital cameras? We can help!  No geek-speak, just plain, simple English from patient teachers to help you understand what you need to know so you can make effective use of personal technology.

Technical writing and editing

Put our communications skills to work for you.  Whether it's technical documentation or a presentation, whether the audience is technical or not, we can put it into clear language to get your message across.